Taekwondo Canada Affiliation Membership Information

Dear Taekwondo Manitoba Members,


We would like to make a correction to our membership information which was send out to everyone in December.  The information should not have stated that “You can be a member of Taekwondo Manitoba without being a member of Taekwondo Canada”. According to Taekwondo Canada’s Affiliate Policy which was posted on the Taekwondo Canada website on December 30, 2019 (see below attachment), it states that:


3 (1) 

a. includes all competitive and recreational club/school registrants 

b. All ages and belt levels of Taekwondoists registered with clubs or schools, of all stages of LTAD, who practice Taekwondo for recreational or competitive purposes shall be TC Registered Participants (RP) by virtue of their club/school affiliation or registration in the club/school programs or activities.


Please note that at this time, Taekwondo Manitoba will not be subsidizing the Taekwondo Canada membership (note:  it has increased to $4.00 from $2.00) as we have done in the past.  It is the role of the individuals to abide by the Taekwondo Canada Affiliate policy as written, as clubs/schools in Manitoba are not recognized nor have any standing within Taekwondo Manitoba.  In Manitoba, only individuals have membership status and clubs/schools have no status.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for any questions.


Thank you


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Date: March 21st, 2020 @ 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: Greendell Park Community Centre


The following positions will be up for election: 

President, Secretary and 2 Directors at Large

Please see the agenda below for the topics that will be discussed and important proposed changes to the Constitution and By-Laws.

If you are interested in putting your name forward for an open board position, please see below the nomination form.

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We hope to see you all at the 2019 - 2020 AGM, Thank you!


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2020 Victory Cup Tournament

2nd Annual Victory Cup Championships

Date: Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Time: Doors open at 8:00am, Tournament starts at 9:00am

Location: College Beliveau - 296 Speers Road