Results from 2016 Nationals

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2016 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships! Here are the results:

AthleteCoachDivision (Sparring)Result
Vince Gamboa Sonny Pabuaya Junior Male -51kg 3rd place
Zachary Hiebert Jae Park Junior Male -74kg 1st place
Skylar Park Jae Park Junior female, -59kg 1st place
Katrina Cha Jae Park Junior female, -49kg 3rd place
Andrew Leitold Jae Park Senior men's -74kg 1st place
Casey Ardern Kate Nosworthy Senior women's +73kg 2nd place
Skylar Park Jae Park Senior women's -57kg 1st place
Hannah Dreger Kate Nosworthy Cadet women's +59kg 1st place
Braven Park Jae Park Cadet, male -45kg 1st place
Ethan McClymont Jae Park Cadet, mlae -65kg 1st place
Julianna Campos Jae Park Cadet, female -51kg 1st place
Sara McClymont Jae Park Cadet, female -41kg 1st place
Emilia Banmann Jae Park Cadet, female -47kg 2nd place
Tactical TKD Poomse Team Kate Nosworthy U17 2nd place

Good Luck at Nationals!

Taekwondo Manitoba sends their best wishes to the following athletes and coaches who are headed to the 2016 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships:

Aidan Labao
Lucas Sarkany
Braven Park
Santiago Pinto
Noah Banmann
Ethan McClymont
Sara McClymont
Emilia Banmann
Olivia Onyschak
Julianna Campos
Hannah Dreger
Vince Patrick Gamboa
Hayden McNab
Tae-ku Park
Zachary Hiebert
Alicia Mortimer
Katrina Cha
Shelby Diduch
Skylar Park
Andrew Leitold
Casey Ardern
Riel Lavergne
Emilio Chuma Earle
Jaime Chuma Earle
Elizabeth Vilar
Nolan Leroux

Master Kate Nosworthy
Master Jae Park



Manitoba Referees Selected for Nationals

Taekwondo Manitoba congratulates the following officials on being chosen to officiate at the 2016 nationals in Calgary, May 12-15th.

Robert Quon
Kelly McKenna
Matthew Canam
Barbara Bibeau
Jillian Golby Borsa

Also, best wishes to the athletes who will represent Manitoba!