Membership Committee

The membership committee will be comprised of the Secretary, the Treasurer, one Director at large and one regular member. Committee members must adhere to the Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), and take proper security measures to ensure that the information collected remains confidential. Committee members must have a thorough knowledge of Taekwondo Manitoba membership benefits; programs and initiatives.


  • To plan, organize and implement membership recruitment and retention strategies.
  • To assist the Board in the evaluation of qualified persons for admission to membership.
  • To recommend to the Board individual member suspensions and/or reinstatements.


  • Receive, review and confirm prerequisite criterion (i.e. Regular Member – registered with Taekwondo Canada Database) of application for membership.
  • Process membership fee payments on complete applications prior to presentation to the Board for membership approval.
  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date Membership Directory.
  • Liaise with the NCCP/LTAD Committee and the Referee Committee to confirm certification and/or member qualification status.
  • Distribute membership cards and new membership packets to approved applicants.
  • Notify existing members of renewal deadline. Follow-up with those who have cancelled membership to determine the cause of cancellation and to attempt to renew their membership.
  • Relay to the Board information or allegations that have been brought forth identifying a member, who has contravened any of Taekwondo Manitoba policies or bylaws; who is in conflict with the law, and/or who may warrant membership suspension.
  • Relay to the Board information supporting membership reinstatement post suspension or sanction.
  • Cross reference national/international event participant lists (competitors; coaches; officials) and identify for the Taekwondo Manitoba President those individuals who are not members in good standing.

The committee shall meet no less than 2 times per year. Members of the committee are expected to attend all meetings of the committee. Meetings may be held by conference call as needed.

The Membership Committee shall report the following to the Board of Directors at designated meetings of the Board throughout the year.

  • Dates of meetings and committee member attendance
  • Presentation of information to the Board as may be required to identify membership profiles/demographic/trends/and challenges.

The Board of Directors and the committee shall confirm or renegotiate the committee/board relationship annually.


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