Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee will be comprised of 3 members of Taekwondo Manitoba as appointed by the Board of Directors. The Secretary will serve as resource to the committee. Committee Members should have an understanding of the requirements of effective board governance and should be able to assess the knowledge, range of skills, and experiences required of potential candidate nominees in order for them to carry out their duties and responsibilities as a member of the Board.


  1. To assist the Board of Directors in ensuring that a slate of nominees is prepared for and presented to the Board for consideration.
  2. To ensure adequate succession planning for the effective continuity of Board operations.
  3. To ensure that there is a suitable mix of individuals on the Board who have a diverse range of knowledge, skills and competencies needed to provide effective governance for the organization.


  1. To determine the needs for suitable membership on the Board and to recommend candidates for the Board of Directors.
  2. To conduct an assessment of the knowledge, skills, and competencies of existing Board members and to determine any gaps in the Board makeup.
  3. To assist the Board in the evaluation of the effectiveness of its operations.
  4. To review with each Board member individually on an annual basis to determine their individual interests in the workings of the Board and their desire to continue to serve the organization.


  • The committee shall meet no less than 4 times per year.
  • Members of the committee are expected to attend all meetings of the committee.
  • Meetings may be held by conference call as needed.

The Nomination Committee shall report the following to the Board of Directors at each Board meeting throughout the year:

  • Dates of meetings and committee member attendance.
  • Work plan and progress towards the achievement of the work plan.
  • Schedule for presentation of information to the Board as may be required to assure compliance with the organization’s policies and by-laws.

The Board of Directors and the committee shall confirm or renegotiate the committee/board relationship annually.

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