Tournament Sanction Committee

The Tournament Sanction Committee may be comprised of the Taekwondo Manitoba President, one(1) regular member of Taekwondo Manitoba, as defined in Policy to be appointed as the Committee Chair by the Board of Directors and two regular members of Taekwondo Manitoba, as defined in Policy. Secretary will serve as a resource to the committee.

Committee members must have a basic level of event organization, staffing requirements, rules of play, insurance protocols, safety standards and tournament management and be members in good standing of Taekwondo Manitoba.

Oversees and fosters all Taekwondo tournaments within the province of Manitoba which are combative in nature to ensure that they are within the guidelines of the law and meet all safety requirements as outlined in Policy.


  1. To maintain records and guidelines as approved by the Taekwondo Manitoba Board of Directors for the administration of all taekwondo tournaments within the province of Manitoba as they relate to Bill S-209 and the Provincial Government through an order of council (257/2014) passed June 14, 2014.
  2. To approve or reject applications of groups wishing to obtain sanctioning through Taekwondo Manitoba as per approved policy.
  3. To report to Taekwondo Manitoba's Board or Directors any known tournaments that are active but do not have Taekwondo Manitoba sanctioning as per policy.
  4. To work with taekwondo clubs within the province of Manitoba to educate them of their responsibilities as relates to Bill S-209.
  5. To collect fees as required.
  6. To follow up with venues that are housing tournaments as it relates to policy to ensure that their renters have sanctioning.


  • The committee shall meet no less than 2 times per year.
  • Members of the committee are expected to attend all meetings of the committee.
  • Meetings may be held by conference call as needed.
  • Committee members are asked for a two year commitment.

The Tournament Sanction Committee shall report the following to the Board of Directors at each Board meeting throughout the year:

  • Dates of meetings and committee member attendance.
  • Strategic Plan and progress towards the achievement of the key performance indicators.
  • Presentation of information to the Board as may be required to ensure compliance with the organization’s policies and bylaws.

The Board of Directors and the committee shall confirm or renegotiate the committee/board relationship annually.

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