Taekwondo Manitoba's 2015 Plan

Strategic Planning
In 2014, Taekwondo Manitoba engaged the professional services of The Exchange Group (EXG) to create a comprehensive plan for the organization. Based on that exercise, our strategic plan for 2015 follows.

Spring Training Event
In Late April, Taekwondo Manitoba will hold its second annual spring training day to provide opportunities for athletes, coaches, and officials to practise and develop skills, and to collaborate as Team Manitoba.

Winter Classic Tournament
In November, Taewondo Manitoba will hold an open tournament designed to provide experience and developmental opportunities for local athletes.

Annual Picnic and Membership Drive
Our annual picnic and membership drive will be planned for July. This is an opportunity for members to enjoy a fun outdoor training experience, barbecue, and meet members from other clubs. The picnic is extended to non-members as well in order for Taekwondo Manitoba to establish maximum reach into Manitoba's taekwondo community.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM will be held around August 2015, date yet to be announced. Significant efforts will be made in advance to increase attendance of voting members at this meeting.

Fundraising Event
A “night-out” type fundraiser such as “Bud-Spud-n-Steak” will be planned for August, to coincide with the AGM.

Liquor and Gaming Authority Fundraiser
Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba has several suitable offerings for fundraising events. Taekwondo Manitoba will work with LGA to develop a fundraising event during 2015.

Provincial Coaching Development
Taekwondo Manitoba recognizes the need for developing coaches in order to continue developing athletes throughout Manitoba. Easier access to coaches will benefit more athletes. As such, a provincial coaching development plan will be created in 2015.

Referee Development
To continue growing Manitoba's successful referee program, Taekwondo Manitoba will offer seminars during May and October of 2015.

Combative Sports Legislation Implementation
Taekwondo Manitoba has adopted a tournament sanctioning policy which will enable us to provide a compliance mechanism for Canada's new Combative Sports Legislation. The Province of Manitoba has asked Taekwowndo Manitoba to take this lead role in the community, and we are prepared to do so effective immediately. This will re-shape our community role in 2015.

Athlete Development
Taekwondo Manitoba's belief is that through the above training and competition events, athletes will gain experience without having to travel outside of Manitoba. Athlete development will be primarily driven through individual coaches. Our coach development initiative is intended to build athletes by putting trained coaches into communities.

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