Winter Classic Tournament

Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 10:00am start (doors open at 8:30am)
West Kildonan Collegiate (101 Ridgecrest Avenue – free parking available)

Friday, January 13th - 7:00-9:00PM at West Kildonan Collegiate (101 Ridgecrest Ave - Side door) All sparring competitors must weigh-in, no exceptions

All forms must be completed and fees received by Friday, January 6

  • Send forms & fees to Sport Manitoba, Attention: Winter Classic, 145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6/li>
  • No late entries will be accepted


  • $70 for one or both events - payable by cash, cheque, or money order
  • $100 for Provincial Qualifier Entries (applies to black belts attending Nationals only)

$5.00 for spectators (ages 5 & under are free)


  • 8:30AM – doors open for general admission
  • 9:00AM – referees meeting (officials only)
  • 10:00am – opening ceremonies (anthems & introductions)
  • 10:15am – poomse competition
  • 12:00pm - coaches meeting (sparring coaches & instructors)
  • 12:15pm – sparring competition

Tournament will follow current wtf rules

  • No head contact for all color belts
  • No head contact for black belts 11 & younger or 35 & older


  • Head-to-head format with second chance format
  • Divisions will be formed based on age, rank & experience
  • All Poomsae must be WTF recognized - Black belts must do Poomsae in accordance to their rank
  • Awards will be presented at the podium immediately following each division


  • Tournament will follow 2016 WTF rules
  • Single elimination format (attempt will be made to ensure a minimum of 2 matches)
  • Divisions will be formed based on gender, age, height, weight, rank & experience
  • Ringmaster scoring systems will be used for all colour belts
  • KP&P system with corner judges will be used for all black belt rec divisions
  • KP&P system with socks will be used for all black belt provincial qualifier divisions
  • Draws will be posted for all divisions, no change requests will be granted
  • Awards will be presented at the podium immediately following each division
  • Colour belts: two 60 second rounds with 30 second rest period
  • Black belts: two 90 second rounds with 45 second rest period


  • Must wear a white dobok with v-neck for sparring
  • Must wear either a white dobok with v-neck or WTF approved poomsae dobok for patterns
  • Athletes must provide their own hogu, head gear, shin guards, arm guards, groin protector and mouth guard
  • Mouth guard is mandatory, no exceptions
  • Headgear other than head protector shall not be permitted. Any religious item shall be worn beneath the head protector and inside the dobok and shall not cause harm or obstruct the opposing opponent
  • Eye glasses of any type are prohibited. Groin, shin & arm protectors must be worn underneath the dobok. No exceptions.
  • No additional equipment/padding is permitted. This includes: elbow pads, knee pads, body armour, hip/buttocks padding, etc.


  • No hats, sunglasses, cell phones, or other electronics are permitted in the competition area
  • Coaches will be limited in requesting officials to review actions to the following:
    • Missed technical points
    • Missed falling down
    • Missed out of bounds
    *Review cards will be issued, with coaches allwed one unsuccessful review per round.
  • Coaches must not approach officials directly. All concerns and matters concerning the application of rules and fair competition must be directed to the Referee Chairperson.
  • These rules will be strictly enforced

Download the 2017 Tournament Details
Download the 2017 Registration Form
2017 Provincial Qualifier Registration Form