2018 Canadian National Championships

The following are the results from the 2018 Canadian National Championships which was held in Ottawa, ON (Feb 16th - 18th):


Skylar Park - Gold (Senior -62kg) - Tae Ryong Park Academy

Andrew Park - Gold (Senior -68kg) - Tae Ryong Park Academy

Andrew Park - Bet Senior Male Athlete Award

Julianna Campos - Gold (Junior -59kg) - Tae Ryong Park Academy

Ethan McClymont - Gold (Junior -78kg) - Tae Ryong Park Acdemy

Tae-Ku Park - Gold (Junior -68kg) - Tae Ryong Park Academy

Tae-Ku Park - Best Junior Male Athlete Award

Hannah Dreger - Silver (Junior -68kg) - Tactical Taekwondo

Shelby Diduch - Bronze (Junior -55kg) - Tae Ryong Park Academy

Sophia Fokas - Gold (Cadet -37kg) - Tae Ryong Park Academy

Olivia Onyschak - Gold (Cadet -51kg) - Tactical Taekwondo


Special Congratulations to Master Jae Park for winning the Best National Team Coach Award! 


Congratulations to all Athletes & Coaches, Manitoba is very proud of you!



Referee Certification / Re-Certification Seminar

Taekwondo Manitoba will he hosting a Referee certification /re-certification seminar as listed below:

Saturday, January 13th. 2018

Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre

Time: 10:00 am to 5:30 PM

Registration Form 

Send completed forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment will be collected at the door. Do not mail payment.


Administration of Provincial Referees Policy (KYORUGI)

These regulations are to efficiently administrate the Provincial Referees Program of Taekwondo Manitoba and promote development of referees to the National level.

Overall administration of the Provincial Referees shall be made by the Taekwondo Manitoba Referee Chair. To be appointed annually by the Board of Directors.

Taekwondo Manitoba will grant qualifications as a Provincial Referee of Taekwondo Manitoba to those who have passed the prescribed examination at the Provincial Referee seminar conducted by the Taekwondo Manitoba Referee Chairperson. Members shall not seek certification from outside the province to be valid in Manitoba. Certifications from previous PSOs shall not be recognised.

Provincial Referee Seminar
The Provincial Referee seminar shall only be conducted by the Taekwondo Manitoba Referee Chairperson or his/her delegate.

Dress Code
All certified Taekwondo Manitoba Referees shall wear black pants, a crisp white shirt, Taekwondo Manitoba branded tie, and taekwondo shoes (white in color). Other Taekwondo Manitoba branded attire may also be worn on occasion depending on event at the discretion of the Referee Chair or delegate. This will be in effect for the duration of a sanctioned event.